Gershoni Advocates | Intellectual Property

AboutNewPict The law firm of Gershoni specializes in professional legal consultancy and representation in the field of intellectual property. We help our clients in restoring their rights and building court cases, hand in hand with facilitating and supporting their interactions with various legal institutions. Our firm focuses on a range of intellectual property types: Copyright, Commercial Torts, Patent Registration, Trademark and Libel. Our list of clients includes leading technology and media companies.

Our People

The law firm of Gershoni, is a professional and seasoned team of leading attorneys. Our clients benefit from a personal, professional and comprehensive care, complimented by wide-ranging experience and established success.
  • Saar Gershoni, Attorney

    Co-founder of Gershoni Slyomovics, Advocates. Attorney Gershoni holds an M.A. in Law and Technology (LL. M) and has many years of experience in legal representation and consultancy to owners of intellectual property rights, in both criminal and civil law. Attorney Gershoni specializes in providing strategic planning to organizations, from the early stages of establishment and all the way through to a sale process. This, in addition to his work in enforcing intellectual property rights in legal institutions such as the Israeli Patent and Trademark Office, courts and customs authorities.
  • Naomi Gershoni, Attorney

    Attorney Naomi Gershoni specializes in the economic aspects of intellectual property. She has an extensive experience in legal representation and consultancy in the various courts. She is a PhD candidate in Economy and a manga cum laude M.A. graduate in Economy. Attorney Naomi Gershoni is working on an innovative academic research in the field of intellectual property, and has a profound knowledge of the legal system.
  • Liron Lazar, Attorney

    Attorney Liron Lazar is vastly experienced in various types of intellectual property and in the interfaces with commercial law, licensing agreements and management of various motions before the Commissioner of Trademarks and Patents. Liron holds a B.A. in Social Work from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Law and an MBA (Magna Cum Laude) with specialization in Business and Management Psychology from the Collage of Management Academic Studies.