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Patent Registration

Professionalism is us

Gershoni & Co. Intellectual Property is a leading boutique firm specializing in intellectual property, consisting of a professional and experienced team of first-class lawyers who are driven by thinking outside the box in order to provide our clients with the best professional service we can provide. Our clients enjoy a personal, professional, and thorough service, backed by rich experience and proven successes.

Our office represents artists, entrepreneurs, start-up companies and well-known commercial and international companies in a wide range of fields, starting from the field of clothing, food, gaming, computing, and ending in the field of pharmaceuticals.


Adv. Gershoni has a master’s degree in law and technology with years of experience in representing and advising intellectual property owners.

Adv. Gershoni is considered one of the leading lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property and advises the firm’s clients in all matters regarding the strategic planning of an intellectual property portfolio, its registration, commercialization, and enforcement, if necessary.

Adv. Gershoni has a specialization in the field of parallel importation, when his approach was accepted by the Supreme Court and his book on parallel importation published in 2022 was cited in several judgments recently given by the Supreme court.


Our firm assists our clients in creating a professional and strong intellectual property portfolio, for this purpose our firm accompanies our clients and registers the rights in Israel and worldwide (and, if necessary, we will handle all prosecution procedures before the Patent Authority).

After the creation and registration of the portfolio, our office assists in turning it into an engine of growth through the commercialization in the relevant countries, and to the extent that it is violated, our office ensures that the violations stopped by the Enforcement and Litigation Department which works in cooperation with the police and customs authorities and, if necessary, conducts proceedings before the relevant courts.

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